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Meet Madelyn

Filed in MTE Lifestyle — October 24, 2023

You’re probably wondering how my passion for events began.. I promise it’s a short but cool story! Grab a snack and relax, and let’s jump right in!
Flashback to baby Madelyn in her freshman year of college. I was in a hospitality class at the University of Georgia when my professor announced he had an opportunity for a student. He said that a newly engaged couple had approached the Hospitality program in hopes of finding a day-of-coordinator. He kept me after class, and told me that he thought I would be perfect for the job! I thought about it for a little bit, then decided that I would interview (even though at the time I knew literally nothing about weddings.. I was in the business of planning elaborate parties for my friends at 18 years old.. haha!) 
I called up a family friend who took me out to lunch and taught me all of the basics of coordinating. With little to no experience, (but a lot of excitement) I geared up to interview with the sweet couple.
Driving to Jittery Joes for the interview, I was so nervous! Did I have what it took to run the most important day of someone’s life?! I was praying for God to give me peace and discernment, and thats exactly what He did.
I’m not quite sure what all came out of my mouth during that interview. To be quite honest, it was kind of a blur. All I knew was that I had fallen in love with this couple, and I wanted to be a part of their wedding day SO bad. I knew that I had what it takes to be successful. When the interview was over.. I just had to wait.
That night I received an email from the bride that informed me the couple had chosen me to be their coordinator! I was thrilled! From that moment on, I vowed to do everything in my power to make their day perfect.
I began researching scheduling methods, what worked and didn’t at weddings, do’s and don’t’s, and I sat down with them to plan their wedding. Eventually, the special day came and went, and I had complete clarity that I was meant to be a wedding planner.
Ever since that first wedding (shoutout Amy and Louis), my event planning career has snowballed. It started when I was approached by bridesmaids from my first wedding, and bridesmaids from the next, and so on. Next thing I knew, I was planning graduation parties, anniversary parties, proms, birthdays, baby showers, and everything in between. I have met the most amazing people and realized what is truly important to me in life.. building relationships.
Now, I am the owner of Madelyn Tenney Events LLC. I have 7 amazing employees that work with me to ensure the best events possible and we love every second of it. We have planned hundreds of events all over the Southeast from the Smoky Mountains to Jacksonville, Florida. I am running this business full-time and planning my own wedding too! Follow along with me as I share my navigating through the crazy world of events.. and teach you all of my tips and tricks to love others well.

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